Custom Fabricated

Custom Fabricated Foam Solutions

Competitively Priced, Fast Turnaround, Design Assistance

From individual components to turnkey assemblies and kits Armstrong Brands can provide design assistance, production and shipping/inventory logistics for low to high quantities. Fabricated prototypes and low production are also a good starting point for refining a design before investing in molded EPS.

Our cutting and machining equipment enables us to meet challenging design and application requirements.  See our Technical Capabilities for Custom Foam Products to learn more about what we can do for your unique application.

Applications for Fabricated Solutions

Examples of applications in which we have provided fabricated components and turnkey packaging include:

  • Military arms
  • Dental devices
  • High value cosmetics
  • Delicate medical instruments
  • Shape conforming trays for miniature electronic products
  • Robust international shipment packaging for complex electronic measurement instruments
  • Custom lightweight pallets for air freight shipments
  • Thermally insulated boxes for housing electronic controls overmolded into exterior architectural building components

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How We Make Fabricated Foam

Fabricated foam packaging is created through manual assembly. Foam pieces are wire-cut to size, glued and assembled (ie. "Fabricated") to create the end product. Perfect for start up projects and low volume products, Fabricated foam is a cost effective alternative to molding.

This picture on the right shows the similarities between Fabricated & Molded foam. The part on the right is molded, while the part on the left is "Fabricated". Both pieces perform the same function, however as this customer's demand grew, it made better economic sense to convert from Fabricated to Molded foam. Many of our customers begin with fabricated designs and move on to molded designs once their increased volume justifies a custom tool necessary to mold foam.

Examples of Fabricated Solutions:

Wine Shippers are used to protect your wine in transit, whether you are transporting bottles across town or shipping valuable wine across the country.

Interior Packaging
Fabricated foam packaging is created through manual assembly. Foam pieces are wire-cut to size, glued and assembled (ie. "Fabricated") to create the end product.

Let us help you come up with the right solutions for you.

Interior Foam Packaging

We specialize in creating products that protect your valuable merchandise. Whether you are shipping across town or the ocean, we provide the peace of mind you need to ensure your product arrives safely at its destination. Our commitment is to find the best solution for your needs regardless of your shipping volume.

We Accommodate Your Needs

Our design team will examine your shipping requirements and prepare a plan to protect your merchandise. We work directly with you to determine the level of protection required, how to adapt your packaging to accommodate different carriers and rough handling, amount of structural support required and ways to reduce your costs. Our goal is to help you reduce the cost of shipping, but more importantly eliminate damage shipment claims and replacement costs.

Solutions for Custom and Low Volume Needs

We Scale Up With You

We understand that not all of your shipping needs require mass production of packaging. If you need interior packaging for a new product or low volume projects, fabricated foam packaging is a cost effective alternative to molded solutions. With many of the same benefits as molded, fabricated foam packaging provides lightweight protection for your valuable products. This interior support can be customized for each product to ensure safe shipping while keeping damaged returns to a minimum.

Not All Shipments are the Same

We work with a large number of industries and are the authority in providing protective packaging for all varieties of products including glass, OEM vehicle parts, high-end technology and even organs for transplants. Our teams focus on finding the perfect solution for all shipping challenges.

Success and Additional Savings

Success is a good thing and the more you ship the more you save. As the popularity of your product grows, we can create molded foam interior packaging at the optimal time to maximize the cost-effectiveness of your shipping operations. Once we have determined the ideal packaging for your product we can create a custom molded foam product that can be mass produced to further save you money.