Foam Pallets

Lightweight, Durable & Versatile!

Foam pallets are durable and easier to ship, identify, store and handle than traditional wood pallets. Our foam pallets are made out of specially molded Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) that is surprisingly tough and durable holding up to 1400 lbs safely. 

Pallets that are Easy to use, Safe and Compliant!

  • 4 Way Entry - Easy access for forklifts
  • Lightweight (6 lbs. each) equals lower shipping costs
  • Strong - Holds up to 1400 lbs. safely!
  • More cost effective than plastic or wood
  • Safe to handle - no nails or sharp corners 
  • Compliant with ISPM #15 guidelines
  • Standard 40” x 48” size
  • 100% recyclable
Our pallets can withstand a heavy duty environment!

Benefits of making the move to Foam Pallets:

Easier to Ship

Less weight means less freight!

Our 40" x 48" Foam Pallets are only 6 lbs., making them lighter than plastic or wood equivalents. Less weight per pallet saves on freight costs. Whether you are shipping LTL or Full Load shipments, converting to foam pallets will quickly increase profitability. You save money on inbound and outbound shipping.

Easier to Identify

Obviously different than the typical ISPM #15 wood pallet

The Foam Pallet is easily identifiable and conforms with ISPM #15 guidelines. This is important when you are faced with constantly sorting similar looking wooden pallets into ISPM #15 conforming vs. non-conforming stacks/piles.

Easier to Store

Easy stacking makes for easy storage

Easy-to-align outer-edge wells make Foam Pallets easy to stack and store. This saves valuable floor space, and foam pallets are much safer and can be stacked higher than traditional wooden pallets. Plus, their intelligent 4-way design makes them easy to access as well as surprisingly tough and durable.

Easier to Handle

Lightweight and safer to use

Its light weight and 4-way access allows anyone to handle it with ease. With a Foam Pallet you don’t have to worry about your employees becoming injured from nails, sharp corners, splinters or falling stacks. Safety is always a major concern in any warehouse and anything that can help reduced down time and keep worker’s compensation claims at bay is a good business decision.

Strong and Durable

Pound for pound, one of the strongest

Our EPS foam production technology produces pallets with amazing strength and durability. These pallets are tough enough to withstand forklifts, employees and rough handling in any warehouse situation. Lower replacement costs mean big savings.

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