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Your Industry, Our Expertise

We have decades of experience in many different industries, including industrial and pharmaceutical packaging, food service, automotive parts packaging and much more. Explore below to see how our products and custom solutions have been applied to the workings of companies like yours. See below...


A large part of our business is with OEMs. Integrating solutions into our OEM partners workflow is something we have honed over decades. We look forward to working with you! Learn more here.

Product Packaging

Our EPS molded foam solutions are ideal for packaging as they are dimensionally stable, have incredible protective and insulating properties and can made into any shape. More packaging info.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our products and solutions are designed to created maximum efficiency through the supply chain. Tell us about the logistics issues you are encountering and we can customize a solution for you.

Food Service

Our coolers and shippers are ideal for transporting everything from perishables to frozen foods to drinks. We are always amazed at the variety of applications there are in the food industry for our coolers.

Building Systems and Materials

Our innovative building solutions include ICFs (Insulating Concrete Forms), Radiant Floor Panels and Insulated Block Inserts. These materials are revolutionizing the construction industry. Learn more.


Our EPS foam shippers are excellent at protecting pharmaceuticals and medicine from shifts in temperature and damage from bumps in transit. Find the right cooler or shipper for your needs, click here.


We have designed and created many solutions for automotive manufacturers. Whether it is protecting parts in the manufacturing process or in transit, we have the solution for you. Learn more.

Cold Chain

Our cold chains solutions keep your temperature sensitive items safe in transit, protecting your investment and maintaining your happy customers and vendors. Find out more here.


Solar panels and other green energy components have sensitive parts that require protection during transit. Our turn-key EPS foam solutions are a great fit offering superior damage protection.

Custom and Prototyping

Entrepreneurs and cutting edge businesses need prototyping and scalable solutions to grow their business. We provide the expertise and insights to facilitate these initiatives.

Don't See Your Industry?

Give us a call to discuss how we can help with your specific needs at 1-800-725-6415. You may be surprised the ideas and solutions we have for you.

Did you know...
Our EPS Foam is 100% Recyclable

The foam products we manufacture at Armstrong Brands are 100% recyclable. Investing in new recycling technology not only makes good business sense, it is also our way of helping ensure that our environment and our community are kept clean and safe. Learn more about our recycling program here.