Insulating Concrete Forms

ICF Solutions

Insulating Concrete Forms, (ICF's) are used to construct concrete based buildings. The molded foam blocks replace traditional forms and, since they remain in place after the pour, they provide excellent insulation and sound dampening qualities. Armstrong is proud to work with Reddiform to make insulating concrete form building technology available for all residential and commercial applications. Agricultural and industrial contractors are also recognizing the benefits as our ICFs continue to increase time savings and lessen construction cost.

Great Benefits

  • Sound Deadening
  • Mold/moisture protection
  • Superior wind shear and seismic stability


  • Lower man hours per job
  • 50% faster construction time
  • Reduced bracing requirements


  • Single or multi-floor applications
  • Commercial and residential
  • Pools and spas
  • Customize for arches, curves or angles

Cost Effective

  • Lower cost per block
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Insulation included
  • No waste

The original ICF design was completed over 40 years ago and replaced wood forms with foam, and utilized metal or plastic clips to hold the forms in place. Engineers continually improved the ICF process by integrating a rebar grid within the form to provide excellent strength and concrete durability. This design is also used to strengthen bridges, concrete and steel columns and bridge beams.

By utilizing EPS ties designed to work as an arch, a grid of concrete is formed around the rebar. This holds the walls stable and prevents bulges and blowouts especially near the corners. In return, the strength of the rebar is spread through the wall with optimum efficiency. The interlocked column and beam design allows the building the ability to flex under severe seismic loads, and maintain its integrity. The EPS ties also help absorb a portion of concrete expansion and contraction due to temperature variances throughout the day or seasons alleviating concrete cracking.

We can custom design an ICF that is capable of single lift pours up to 10' or 12' high. Walls will be straight and plumb and remain flat during stacking. Minimal bracing is required for wind protection and safety during the pour. Our ICF products combine advanced engineered strength and reduced concrete costs. A standard 40' x 50' basement will use about $50 extra rebar, and reduce concrete costs of about $1,500. That is a noteworthy savings of $1450. Labor savings is about half of estimated costs on other concrete wall installations.

With the lowest installed cost of any ICF in the industry, we provide the optimum product that is straight, strong and flat, using reduced labor, less concrete and minimal bracing. Our expertise is providing strong, straight, and flat walls requiring lower labor, reduced concrete, and less bracing. Get the best with Armstrong Brands Insulating Concrete Forms.

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